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Application Design

Adapted solutions to your needs.

Interconnect your data.

Interface with other systems.

Online invoicing.


Secure, scalable and reliable solutions.

Your applications running to their full potential.

Tailored modular redundant architecture.

Process industrialisation.


Performance review and improvement.

Third Party Applications

Apache / Nginx

MySQL / MariaDB


More than 20 years of experience working on and around the Internet give us the perspective to focus on what's important: your needs.

Let us know what you want, let us worry about how to get there. We will figure out the simplest and best way so that you can continue growing your business.

From conception to deployment, we can work with you to implement that final element you are missing to jump to the next level, be it an application or a server architecture that allows you to grow organically.


❝Depuis notre premier entretien et par une compréhension claire et précise de nos besoins, l'équipe de Kresala a su nous fournir l'outil idéal pour notre gestion de stock ainsi qu'une solution web répondant à toutes nos attentes.

Grâce aux contacts réguliers et un travail constant pour comprendre les aspects spécifiques de notre métier, les solutions proposées ont ciblé directement nos besoins quotidiens et simplifié grandement de nombreuses tâches jusqu'ici chronophages.

La grande adaptabilité de leurs solutions nous a permis de configurer dans les moindres détails les outils proposés afin d'obtenir un résultat parfaitement adapté.❠

❝The Kresala team have been key partners in helping our development team in scaling up our server-side resources to accommodate the growth of our company. In a short time our site had grown from 1,000 page views per month to over 2 Million. This growth left our users experiencing large page load times and processing timeout errors.

The Kresala team were fast to respond. They took the time to architect a bespoke server solution that not only sped up our site but also did it in a way that reduced our overall monthly costs.

I can’t recommend the expertise and professionalism of Kresala enough.❠


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